BagIQ Privacy Policy

We believe in transparency and clarity in everything we do here at BagIQ. It’s likely a drastic shift from what you’re familiar with…or unfamiliar with, considering the likelihood of anyone ever reading a company’s Privacy Policy page(s). We’ll keep it simple and show you how it relates to the BagIQ story.

BagIQ Privacy Basics

  • You are anonymous. Today, when you sign-up for BagIQ your email address is the only personally identifiable information we request. It’s used to login & to receive email updates from BagIQ & stored separately from your purchase data. We generate a random 12-digit number to represent you in all interactions with your data. Hello 9439-8304-9452, nice to see you!
  • Your data is completely private. We don’t share it with anyone but you! Take and use it anyway, anywhere you see fit. Export it all to a CSV file with a click of a button on the Transactions page.

Data about you that BagIQ needs to work

  • Your email address. Needed for password resets, recall alerts, and services you choose to add.
  • A password that you create for your BagIQ account.
  • Your Zip Code (to you help find local stuff)
  • Your permission to connect to your stores and pull basic receipt information about your purchases.

That’s it. Note we don’t ask for your name, address, phone number or any other Personally Identifiable Information (PII). We don’t need it (and frankly, we don’t want it).

Data we capture on your behalf from your stores

Pretty straight-forward, it’s the information you’d typically see on your paper receipt. You know, that long, soggy, string of paper at the bottom of your bag that you immediately discard? It’s what makes BagIQ work for you. Here’s what we capture. Nothing more.

  • Supermarket Name
  • Date of Transaction
  • Product Description of the items you’ve purchased
  • Quanity
  • Price
  • Unit of Measure/Weight

Not too bad, right?

It’s gets much WORSE from here ;) And we truly believe the WORST part may turn out to be the BEST part (stick with me on this):

First and foremost, by default you are opted-out from BagIQ sharing any of your data with anybody.

But someday, you may believe in our grand plan to change world and opt-in. This is what that world would look like.

So here’s the deal…

Together we’ve collected this amazing data on what you’ve purchased, where you bought it, how much you paid. We’ve added a ton of beautiful data on top of that and we hope will help to make you a happier, healthier person.

All great, right? Until…uh oh…here comes Mr. M-O-N-E-T-I-Z-A-T-I-O-N! He looks pretty grim. He can be awfully grim. But, hey, we said we’ve made a DRASTIC SHIFT from what you’re accustomed to, so it will be different this time.

We’ve built-in customer anonymity, and the opt-out ethos into our DNA. So, we’re prepared. Here’s how it plays out.

Partners, Manufacturers, Retailers, and Merchandisers (the 4 Horseman?) can VIEW that beautiful set of data we’ve created together. Sounds gross, I agree. BUT they will never have any clue whose data they’re viewing. The only thing they’ll know is that 9439-8304-9452 (a randomly generated code representing a person), in ZIP CODE 10014 (this is the anonymized person’s actual zip code), created this set of data with their purchases and preferences. It’s completely anonymous. No email, no name (we don’t know it), no address (we don’t have it).


When it comes to your health and happiness, we believe knowledge, information, and data should be open, transparent, and shared.

When the 4 Horseman view your (anonymous!) purchases…purchases that are now being made by COMPLETELY INFORMED AND TRANSFORMED consumers (you!), they will see new patterns and behaviors. Consumers are evolving (gasp!) based on new knowledge about products and companies. Buying habits are changing.

The 4 Horseman will have to evolve their products to match the needs of this newly enlightened consumer. This means creating and marketing healthier, fairly priced and produced products, that are better for you, and better for the world.

Bringing it all together…it’s a now virtuous circle

  • We collect your purchasing history together. It’s the baseline. Maybe all your purchases we’re well informed, maybe not. It’s all up from here, though.
  • We connect your purchased product history with tons of additional information. We present it to you clearly, based on your specific needs and interests. Knowledge Up!
  • You make new choices based on the new enlightenment you’ve acquired, choosing better, healthier, environmentally sound, products.
  • The 4 Horseman take a look at your anonymous data and see that your purchasing behavior has changed, now that the asymmetry in information has been corrected. They shift course and improve products to meet your new demands.
  • We collect your purchasing history together, again.
  • Around we go again…at each stage, we ALL refine, improve, benefit.

Make sense? We want your feedback in this partnership, so please email with your thoughts, ideas, or just to say hi.